History of Slots

Slot machines, the most famous casino games are not something new; their history is more than a century old. Charles Fey, was an American mechanic who developed a three reeled slot machine for the first time in 1876 which became famous not only his home state of California, where gambling was banned later on, it also became famous in other states of America. The slot machine worked on five symbols on the three reels, the spades, hearts, diamonds, horse shoes and the Liberty bells. The highest payout was given for a combination of the Liberty Bells, so the machine was named the Liberty Bell.

The way the Liberty Bell became famous, paved way for development of more and more slot machines by different people. Sittman and Pitt of New York, in 1891 for the first time introduced a five reeled slot machine, the pioneer of the modern day slot machines. Their machine had 50 cards and different poker combinations to give payout for a winning combination.

By 1963, Money-Honey made waves in the slot machine games, as it was the first fully automatic slot machine that needs no attendant to give pay out for even 500 coins. This machine was developed by Bally manufacturers.

Video slots changed the slot world in 1976, where modern technological developments meant that slots became games played out on screens rather than in real physical format. This meant that they were particularly difficult to tamper with and were thus much fairer. Because of the freedom afforded to slot developers, the number of paylines in conventional slot machines drastically increased and the slot world saw an explosion of ways to win; instead of the standard 9 there were over 50. This trend has continued to this day and these days some slot machines have discarded paylines altogether in favour of ways to win.

In casinos and clubs, slot machines are the major part of all the games, not only because of the space they take but also because of the revenue they generate for the casino. Movement of slot machines online has not only made it possible to incorporate many different themes online and introduction of g various bonus games online; the physical space they occupy is also released thereby making the game more beneficial and interesting.

Software developers are now expected to develop movie based themes to slot machines, the day by day growing interest of players in movie based slot machine games pushes the developers to make the graphics rich enough to keep the players interest intact.

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