General Slot Features

Slots can be learned to play by a new player very easily as they are one of the most convenient games in casinos. They have many different themes designed on many different subjects that help many players keep interest in the game. The general features of all slots are the same with slight modifications that occur from one machine to another.

Some of the features found in all slot machines are:
1. Wild Symbol
The symbol that can replace many others on the slot to increase the chances of winning is the Wild symbol and is one of the most popular amongst the lot of features. Whenever you form a winning combination with the wild, it means you get the payout as shown on the paytable. Occasionally you can also get a multiplier. Usually all symbols can be replaced by the wild symbol except the trigger and scatter.

2. Scatter symbol
If you see the scatter symbol appearing on the reels of a slot machine, it means that players can claim a payout without having to worry about which paylines are active on the slot machine. The greater the number of scatters, the higher the payout.

3. Free spins
Another great feature of slots that is a favourite with players is the free spins feature. These free spins allow the user to spin the reels on many times, without having to pay for them. You can initiate the free spins feature by various triggers like the active combination of three or more scatter symbols. Not only do you not have to pay for the spins, you get to keep the wins and often there are some great animations attached to the free spins rounds. If you’re really lucky,. you might be able to retrigger the round.

4. Bonus games
Bonus games are a very attractive feature on most slots and can be activated with the appearance of symbols that may be certain bonus or any other symbols on the active play line. The bonus games can be activated randomly as well; whatever the mode of activation is will be specified in the paytable so you can see what you need to do to make it happen. Of all the features, the bonus games are some of the most beneficial and give out the most lucrative payouts as well.

Bonus games incorporate the thematic features of a slot machine fully so that players are unable to resist getting indulged in these games.

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