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This decade has certainly proven to be a profitable time for the Marvel franchise. With the release of both the Fantastic 4 film and its’ sequel: Rise of the Silver Surfer, not to mention the recent Avengers film and several other major screenplays from X-Men to Captain America, there has been pressure to keep the bar high.

The Fantastic Four Slot is arguably just as successful as the movie itself. One of the leading Marvel Slots and available at hundreds of different gambling sites online, this online slot features both Progressive Jackpots and bonus rounds – enough to tempt even the most avid non-gamblers to turn to the tables. This 5-reel, 25 pay-line slot game boasts all your favourite characters from the comic series, not to mention 5 different bonus rounds, all triggered by 3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on your screen.

Bets start as little 5p and can go all the way to a total bet stake of £250 per spin … although at that price, the winning combinations pay a rather handsome amount more than the lower ones would. Whatever the bet and whatever the fortune, your guaranteed to have a great time trying out the Fantastic Four Slots game today.


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How to Play

The main aim of the game is to try and get the pictured symbols to line up in a pay-line, or alternatively to get 3 scatter symbols to show on the screen at the same time. Should you be lucky enough to get this, you enter into a bonus round ‘choice’ screen, where you can choose one of the five options which will impact on the type of bonus you get. Everyone offers you free spins, some 10 and some 15, but it is each characters’ different ‘powers’ that truly hold the excitement.

Mr Fantastic: Treat yourself to 15 free spins where all prizes are doubled. Should his symbol appear on the first reel during the bonus round, all of the reel will be turned to bonus symbols.

Invisible Woman: Enjoy 10 free spins with all wins tripled. Additional goes are also awarded when the Invisible Woman appears on Reel 2.

Human Torch: This feature gives you 10 free games with all wins tripled like above; however the bonus here is that extra Human Torch characters are added randomly and act as Wilds

The Thing: 15 Free Spins are given here, yet the payout multiplier is decided at random and by an large ‘Thing’ character appearing on the screen and smashing the winning line. Multipliers range from 2x to 10x

Dr Doom: Free games are awarded with a 3x multiplier and these are only finished when the Dr Doom symbol appears on the end reel.

Fantastic Four Slot Jackpots

Back in November 2011, a Chilean woman picked up a huge $1.4million pay-check thanks to this incredible slot machine and it really does like to make peoples’ years!

The major jackpot currently stands at over $300,000 and its’ average hit-size is nearer $700,000 so it’s not hard to see why the Marvel Slots are so popular. It is important to mention that the Jackpots are triggered regularly as they are connected to all the other Marvel Slot games and this gives you a great chance to win one … maybe even on your first go!

So stop by one of our choices, click on the links and good luck!

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